Peaceful Ease Sessions with Ela Crain

What is Peaceful Ease?

Peace is a stream that can be nurtured to run in our hearts.

Ease is the outer-reflection of this stream, in our daily lives.

Peaceful Ease is the effortless flow of life, which we experience when we live conscious of who we are, and what we are here for. It’s a journey that begins with a simple handshake – with ourselves.

"Ela helped me in a way that's priceless! Our conversation is now a part of my life that's going to change my life for the better."

Cheyenne Sanchez

What is the process like?

As the 13th century poet Rumi said,
“Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.”

So the Peaceful Ease sessions provide:
a calm space to listen to yourself whole-heartedly, like an old friend, who wants nothing but to support you.

It's a guided conversation between you and yourself - a friendly, open chat, free of judgment and criticism - a discussion that leads to resolution.

Wondering what the Peaceful Ease sessions are like?

Listen to an 1-on-1 session recording with actor Joe Blute.

What to expect in this journey?

In one word: change. In every aspect of your life.

When we face ourselves truthfully, with acceptance and understanding, a magical transformation begins.

Challenges become pointers, indicating what’s no longer serving us.
Problems turn into opportunities to grow.

As you progress in your journey, you'll feel a sense of deep relaxation. Your relationships will improve. You will gain emotional stability and mental clarity, and watch your doubts and fears dissolve in a gentle stream of peace.

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“Turn your mind inward, and you will find your way.” Milarepa

Who’s holding these sessions?

My name is Ela Crain. I’m a traveler just like you. I’m not ahead of you or behind you because we walk our individual paths.

My background combines the Western sciences with Eastern philosophy. During my MSc in Brain Sciences at University College London, I began practicing meditation and studying with the masters of Tibetan Buddhism, in India.

I've been fortunate enough and learn from gifted teachers around the world, from His Holiness the 16th Dalai Lama, to Tony Robbins, Mooji, Les Brown, and the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa.

My career as an 'inner-guide' was kick-started by one of the top coaches in Jack Canfield’s team, Gary Reid. Since then I've held regular workshops at the largest startup community in Europe, Factory Berlin, and have been giving talks and holding sessions in Los Angeles, where I currently live. Please visit my personal website, if you'd like to know more about me.

with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
Dharamsala, India

with award-winning motivational speaker Les Brown
Miami, USA

with the 12th Chamgon Kenting
Tai Situpa Rinpoche
Delhi, India

with spiritual teacher Sri Mooji Baba
Zmar, Portugal

How can we work together?

Route one: Private Sessions

If you’re interested in a 1-on-1 private session, you can reach out to me via the message form below. Private sessions cost $250 per hour. They can be held online, or face-to-face if you're based in Los Angeles.

Route two: Peaceful Ease Podcast

The Peaceful Ease Podcast is to help you approach a long-standing issue from a point of power. It will provide you with mental clarity, emotional ease, and a path to proceed.

You can bring up any issue, and you don’t have to share any personal details you don’t feel comfortable with, including your real name. The sessions last an hour, and are recorded in an audio format to be released as a podcast episode. To apply please just answer the questions below.

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Let Peaceful Ease be your inner-guide.

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My Dedication

My work and my personal journey have been heavily inspired by two infinitely compassionate teachers from Tibet, Akong Tulku Rinpoche and Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, whose lives are made into a feature movie.Visit Samye Ling for more info.
I wish everyone will find the support and inspiration they need in life.

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